Tuition Classes

Our classrooms have been extensively used by tuition centres and training companies to hold their classes. The convenient location, conducive room environment and availability of AV equipment are some of the reasons why ACC EduHub is their preferred choice.

ACC EduHub recently hosted a lecture by a tuition centre. They utilized the Harvard and Vibrant Theatrettes to accommodate over a hundred students. The steady air-conditioning (controlled by thermostats), wireless microphone, free Wi-Fi and ample power plugs available made it a great venue for the lecture.

Our Recommendation for Tuition Classes:

    • Setup: Classroom style (2 chairs per table)
    • Rooms: Oasis Theatrette (54 pax), Vibrant & Harvard Theatrettes (130 pax), or Valour Classroom (16 pax)

    Wedding Solemnization

    Looking for a venue to host your wedding solemnization without breaking your wallet? ACC EduHub’s multi-purpose function rooms can be used! Besides using a room for the main event, you may also utilize the other rooms as a dressing room, or to host the luncheon and dinner. You may also opt to arrive earlier or the night before to do up the decorations to transform the place.

    Our Recommendation for Wedding Solemnization:

    • Setup: Theatre (Banquet chairs with silver seat covers)
    • Rooms: Oasis 3 (main event), Oasis 1&2 (for the luncheon), Harvard 1&2 (preparation and dressing room)