Tuition Venue

Do you require a venue to conduct your tuition session? Look no further! The seminar rooms provided by ACC EduHub are conducive for all your tuition sessions. Here’s why:

    • Overhead projector, projector screen and overhead speakers
      Each seminar room comes well equipped with a projector, a projector screen and overhead speakers. VGA or HDMI cables are also available for you to use. The powerful projector of 4200 lumens means that the projected images are sharp and crisp.
    • LED white light
      As your participants will be listening to you while writing, reading or taking notes, it is important that the lighting of the rooms create a conducive and comfortable environment. LED white light is brighter and easier on the eyes compared to the traditional fluorescent light tubes or yellow light
    • Free WiFi for all participants
      Each seminar room is equipped with a wireless access point to ensure that all participants can log in to the fast 1gbps WiFi that we offer.
    • Air-conditioned, carpeted rooms
      The air-conditioners are controlled by thermostats in the rooms. This enables you to adjust the temperature according to what you feel most comfortable with.
    • Ample power outlets located on the walls and floors
      Your students may choose to bring their laptops or other electronic devices to take notes and will need to charge these devices. Our seminar rooms come with a number of wall and floor plugs which means that participants can easily charge their devices without having to stretch their wires and cables all over the place.

Room Layout

For your training session, you can decide to have the cluster, classroom or U-shape style. Just let us know the number of people that you expect to attend your event, and the seating arrangement that you prefer and we’ll cater for it!

Google Virtual Tour

You can view a virtual tour of our rooms here! Below, you may see the various rooms and layouts that we have to offer for as your preferred tuition venue. For more information or if you wish to come down to view the location in person, do not hesitate to contact us! You can reach us at 6339 5411 or email us at

Harvard 1, Harvard 2, Vibrant 1 & Vibrant 2 combined

Arrangement: Cluster style, 4 pax per cluster

Number of pax: 44

Oasis 1 & 2 combined

Arrangement: Cluster style, 4 pax per cluster

Number of pax: 20

Oasis 1

Arrangement: Classroom style, 2 pax per table

Number of pax: 16

Vibrant 1

Arrangement: Classroom style, 2 pax per table

Number of pax: 14

Harvard 3

Arrangement: U-Shaped style, 12 pax

Number of pax: 12